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Version 1.2.1 update for Pa5X
Arranger Keyboards

Version 1.2.1 update for Pa5X

Following close consultation with customers, we have introduced a new update for Pa5X – focusing on usability and stability, with particular attention paid to those looking to move their data seaml...

Arranger KeyboardsPa5X update v1.2.0

Pa5X update v1.2.0

We're thrilled to announce the latest free update for the Pa5X: version 1.2.0. Featuring comprehensive onboard style editing and a new groove-import function for audio slices, version 1.2.0 also in...

Software & UpdatesVolca FM2 update v1.12

Volca FM2 update v1.12

There's a new update for the second generation of Volca FM! Download version 1.12 for free here.

Software & UpdatesNautilus Update v1.3.3

Nautilus Update v1.3.3

There's a new update for Nautilus! With version 1.3.3, we've made some adjustments under the hood to ensure a smoother, even more seamless performance. Download the free update here now.

Software & UpdatesIntroducing Gadget VR

Introducing Gadget VR

We're thrilled to introduce Korg Gadget VR, the cutting-edge studio experience that takes your creativity to a whole new dimension. With its powerful gadget instruments and user-friendly interface,...

Software & UpdatesSoftware updates for SQ-64, Volca Sample2, microKEY Air and more

Software updates for SQ-64, Volca Sample2, microKEY Air and more

New software updates are available for a number of different Korg products including SQ-Q4, Volca Sample2, miniKey2 Air and more. Download now.

Software & UpdatesSoftware update for Korg Nautilus

Software update for Korg Nautilus

Two new updates are available for the Korg Nautilus!  System Update version 1.3.1This update improves compatibility with SYX files from DX7 alongside general bug fixes and system enhancements. Sub...

Software & UpdatesDrumlogue V1.1.0

Drumlogue V1.1.0

The wait is over, Drumlogue is here! What’s more, we’re also introducing V1.1.0, which brings some great new features to what is already a production powerhouse!

Software & UpdatesUpdates available for Wavestate

Updates available for Wavestate

System update v2.1.3 and Editor Librarian v1.1.2 for the Korg Wavestate are now available to download.

Software & UpdatesIntroducing Modwave Native

Introducing Modwave Native

A synthesis powerhouse in software form, with distinctive wavetables, Kaoss Physics, and Motion Sequencing 2.0 - now available as a plug-in for Mac and Windows