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iPhone and AUv3 support comes to iM1

iPhone and AUv3 support comes to iM1

The Korg iM1 is a mobile digital synthesizer that is a complete reproduction of the legendary M1 music workstation, an essential part of the late 80's and 90's music. The latest update is the long-awaited release of the iM1, which is now compatible with the iPhone and AUv3.

Korg iM1 for iPad owners can update for free. Support for iPhone makes it easy to work with Korg Gadget 3 for iOS. In addition, AUv3 support enables use with other iOS music production apps such as Apple's Logic Pro and Garageband. Enjoy the vast number of 3,300 sounds* including "M1 Piano" and "M1 Organ" on your iPad/iPhone, sounds that can only be produced by M1.

View iM1 in the Apple App Store

* The 3,300 sounds are the total number of expansion sound ROM cards available, including in-app purchases.

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