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Superbooth 24: Experience Innovation

Superbooth 24: Experience Innovation

We're thrilled to be heading to Superbooth 2024! If you're going, be sure to stop by and check out our latest products and some seriously cool prototypes.

About Superbooth:

Happening from May 16-18, 2024 at FEZ-Berlin in Germany, Superbooth is the ultimate event for electronic music enthusiasts. It’s more than just a trade fair—it's a festival that brings together over 250 exhibitors from around the globe, showcasing the newest in synths and studio tech. Plus, it's a great spot to celebrate the craft and community of electronic music.

New products on display


Minilogue XD Inverted
Check out the new twist on our Minilogue XD analogue synthesizer. It's still got the authentic analog signal path, digital multi-engine, and versatile effects, but now it rocks an inverted keyboard design that’s sure to catch your eye.

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ST1K - Synthesizer Tuner
Introducing the ST1K, our latest innovation in tuning technology tailored specifically for synthesizers. It’s compact, spot-on, and makes sure you’re always tuned up and ready to go.

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Prototypes at Superbooth 2024:

Don’t miss out on these prototypes only available at our booth:

The legendary PS-3300 is making a comeback. After its original release between 1977 and 1981, we've decided to bring it back as a limited edition run. Get ready to experience one of the most coveted synths in history by late 2024.

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Korg Collection 5
Set to launch in early summer 2024, Korg Collection 5 is adding some classic sounds to your setup with EP-1, VOX Super Continental, and ARP 2600. Especially the KC ARP 2600, which authentically recreates its vintage sounds and even includes some new twists.

We spent months understanding every detail of the original and modern schematics, studying manuals, testing with oscilloscopes, and most importantly listening. This is the only ARP 2600 plug-in that can faithfully recreate all 100 sounds in the original 2600 Patch Book. Extensive anti-aliasing techniques deliver truly premium audio quality. KC ARP 2600 adds both classic modifications and entirely new modules, while preserving the distinctive character and design philosophy of the original instrument.

Displayed at: Superbooth 2024 KORG Booth (E100)

Acoustic Synthesis_phase8
Straight from Korg Berlin, the Acoustic Synthesis_phase8 is blurring the lines between electronic and acoustic. It’s part instrument, part synth magic, featuring eight electromechanical voices and endless possibilities to tweak your sound.

Displayed at: Superbooth 2024 KORG Berlin Booth (Z440)

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Come and see us at booths E100 for Korg and Z440 for Korg Berlin. 

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