Combining incredible sounds, powerful sequencing, and studio-ready effects, Korg workstations have supported bands and musicians around the world for decades.

Incredible sounds

Expansive and inspirational palettes of sounds for unrestrained creative expression.

Powerful effects

Whether powering arena tours, or deeply integrated into a studio setup, Korg workstations have the power you need.

Unlimited potential

Versatile onboard sequencing and deep connectivity and just some of the hallmarks of Korg Workstations.

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Rediscover M1

The introduction of the M1 in 1988 represented a seismic shift in music production. As one of the most recorded workstations of all time, its sound is iconic - whether powering the music scene of the late 80s and 90s or featuring in Beyonce’s 2022 “love letter to the Korg M1” single “Break My Soul”.

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