We are giving away 2 Wavestates!

The legendary Korg Wavestation introduced the world to wave sequencing, and the 37-key Wavestate builds on that legacy with a reimagined, compact synth designed from the ground up to satisfy today's demanding musicians and producers.

We are giving away one of these incredible synths to not one, but two lucky winners in the UK.

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Powerfully creative

Wave Sequencing 2.0 creates dynamic and evolving sounds with comprehensive hands-on controls, designed for modern musicians and composers, enriched with intuitive physical controls for immediate sound shaping.

Synthesis powerhouse

A wide range of filters including the aggressive MS-20 and the smooth Polysix, alongside a versatile effects suite for production-ready tones, with dedicated effects per layer plus a master reverb and EQ.

Multiply by four

Despite its extensive synthesis capabilities, Wavestate allows layering of up to four Programs in a Performance, each with unique effects and arpeggiators, enhanced by Vector Envelope and Joystick for dynamic voice mixing and parameter modulation.

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And there's more: if you purchase a Wavestate mkII from a participating UK retailer during the competition period and you win, you’ll get your money back. Yes, that’s right – if you win, you’ll have your purchase cost refunded!