One of the rarest and most coveted synthesizers in music history: the Korg PS-3300, is coming back.

The PS-3300 is a full-scale reissue of the original Korg PS-3300, a legendary and ultra-rare synthesizer designed by legendary Korg engineer Fumio Mieda and produced by Korg in very limited numbers from 1977 to 1981.

The PS-3300 reissue marks a new milestone in synth history, and the latest achievement by the same Korg engineering team that brought back iconic machines such as the MS-20, ARP ODYSSEY, miniKORG 700 FS and ARP 2600.

“Bringing back to life these legendary machines is not only a process of reproducing circuits and sounds, but also of learning and embracing the essence of the philosophy and development of synthesizers.

Through this project I was able to relive the history of Korg and a critical moment in the evolution of our synthesizers. This was an extremely valuable experience that provided an opportunity for Korg's philosophy and technology to be carried on to future generations.”

- Yoshihito Yamada, Chief Engineer of Korg Analogue Synthesizers

Key features

49 keys / 49 voice analogue polyphony (the original model had 48 keys / voices)

3 Layers: The PS-3300 consists of three synthesizer units (PSU-3301) and a mixer & utility section (PSU-3302)

Three independent oscillators, plus multiple filters, envelopes and amplifiers for every note on its keyboard, for a total of 147 synth voices of raw analogue power

Microtuning knob x12 on each PSU-3301 unit

New panel memory function (16 programs per bank and 16 banks = 256 slots)

Modernised for contemporary music use with the inclusion of USB / MIDI jacks, and a dedicated librarian app for easy preset management


3-Band Resonator: Three frequency bands can be emphasised, a feature unique to the PS-3300 (original was a Cadmium sulfide circuit, but it was replaced with modern components for safety and to comply with regulations)

Keyboard unit (PS-3010) included

Hear the PS-3300

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