SongBuilder V - Episode 6

SongBuilder V - Episode 6

Welcome back to SongBuilder! This is the series where we take a selection of amazing Korg gear and build a track episode by episode.

For our final SongBuilder episode in season 5, we’re re-utilising Opsix to put the finishing touches to our track using some atmospheric synth stabs. 

For the final piece in our SongBuilder jigsaw we’re returning to where it all began back in episode one, with Opsix. We’ve found a very non-FM sounding synth stab type sound that’s going to be a great way to polish off season five’s track.

Moody Chord Stabs is an amazing preset sound in the Opsix that is the perfect fit to enhance our track. Using the Altered FM features in the Opsix, it uses saw waves at its heart to give it that spiky, EDM quality that would be impossible to recreate on a regular FM synth. This preset patch is so good that we don’t need to edit it at all for it to fit into our song.

We’re using this sound to bring out the melody of the original synth riff we recorded on the Opsix back in episode one, but we’re starting the recording at bar 13 so that we get a natural build following the opening section. From bar 21 we’re throwing in a few extra notes to add some interest towards the end of the phrase.

Then, from bar 25 to the end we’re playing the same phrase but up the octave, to give the track more intensity when the drums kick in for the closing section.

Once the part has been recorded via USB-MIDI into Logic from the Opsix and given a quick quantize to lock in the timing, all that remains is for it to be bounced to an audio track.

So that completes season five’s SongBuilder track!

You can find out more about Opsix here. Thank you for following along with our series, we look forward to catching up with you next time out!

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