EXsPand Your Nautilus

EXsPand Your Nautilus

For a limited time (July 8th - September 8th*) buy Nautilus and select one from the five most popular Nautilus Sound Libraries - and that library is yours for free!

Boost your music production with a supercharged NAUTILUS workstation!

*The coupon is valid until October 8th 2022

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The libraries

EXs12 SGX-1 Austrian Piano

Contents: Approximately 6.1 GB of PCM samples (Required approximately 213MB of virtual memory), 49 Stereo Multisamples, 98 Mono Multisamples, 32 Programs, and 16 SGX-1 Piano Types One of the most celebrated pianos in the world, this legendary Austrian instrument has been reproduced by the SGX-1 sound engine.

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EXs10 Ricky Lawson's "West Coast" Drums

Contents: Approximately 757MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 98MB of virtual memory), 926 Stereo Drum Samples, 2089 Mono Drum Samples, 18 Programs, 4 Drum Kits, 2 Songs This library contains the sounds from Ricky Lawson's Drum Kits.

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EXs16 Funk and Soul Brass

Contents: Approximately 677 MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 142MB of virtual memory), 77 Stereo Multisamples, 154 Mono Multisamples, 128 Programs, 32 Combinations, 32 Wave Sequences, and 5 Demo Songs.
EXs16 delivers crisp and powerful solo and ensemble brass sounds ideal for funk, soul, and pop.

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EXs15 Classical and Ambient Choir

Contents: Approximately 737 MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 119MB of virtual memory), 50 Stereo Multisamples, 100 Mono Multisamples, 128 Programs, 32 Combinations, 6 Wave Sequences, and 2 Demo Songs
This library contains a wide variety of choir samples ranging from small to large ensembles, including all‐male, all‐female, and mixed groups, with vocalizations such as “Aah,” “Ooh,” and “Unh” provided in the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone vocal ranges.

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EXs20 Grand Concert Organ

Contents: Approximately 646 MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 47MB of virtual memory), 8 Stereo Multisamples, 16 Mono Multisamples, 128 Programs This library contains a wide variety of Pipe Organ sounds including a pastoral Positive Organ, a solemn Tutti Organ, and more.

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