Introducing Nautilus AT: Powering New Heights of Musical Expression

Introducing Nautilus AT: Powering New Heights of Musical Expression

We’re excited to announce the release of the Nautilus AT. Available in 61 and 88-key versions, Nautilus AT extends the acclaimed Nautilus workstation line-up and offers musicians powerful levels of musical expression with the addition of aftertouch technology.

Nautilus AT sets a new standard in musical creativity by adding aftertouch to the powerful Nautilus workstation. With an expertly tuned sound library, Nautilus AT introduces aftertouch-controlled effects to existing programs, allowing users to fully embrace the expressive capabilities of aftertouch right out of the box.

The combination of aftertouch, initial touch, and the DYNAMICS knob provides instant control over sound changes, opening up a wide range of musical expression within a single instrument. These features unlock the full potential of Nautilus' nine sound engines and powerful production and performance features.

Manufactured in Japan, Nautilus AT comes in two versions to cater to the preferences of different musicians. The 88-key model boasts a premium weighted RH3 keyboard, meticulously engineered to deliver an extraordinary piano feel. The RH3 keyboard features a four-stage weighted hammer action keybed, providing an incredibly realistic piano experience for even the most discerning players. With gradually weighted keys, lower notes feel heavier, while higher notes offer a lighter touch, ensuring superb playability. The 61-key Nautilus AT model is equipped with a light, responsive, and smooth synthesizer keyboard that faithfully reproduces the complexities of musical performances with utmost reliability and fluidity.

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Upgrade Your Nautilus

In addition to the exciting launch of Nautilus AT, we are thrilled to introduce an upgrade service for existing Nautilus owners. This service, available exclusively from Korg UK to customers in the UK and Ireland, offers a comprehensive hardware and software upgrade conducted by Korg service engineers. By upgrading your Nautilus 61 or 88, you can transform your instrument into a Nautilus AT, unlocking a world of enhanced musical expression and performance capabilities.

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