Break the sound barrier with the Korg Opsix SE

Break the sound barrier with the Korg Opsix SE

Are you ready to experience the next evolution of FM synthesis? The Korg Opsix SE doesn't just raise the bar; it sets an entirely new standard. Dive into the future of sound design with this game-changing instrument.

A Premium, Retro-Inspired Design

The Opsix SE immediately stands out with its slim, vintage-inspired design. The control panel is a striking brown aluminum, paying homage to iconic machines of yesteryear, while its sleek black side panels and vibrant LEDs make it a true stage star.

A Keyboard Built for Serious Musicians

Outfitted with Korg's premium 61-note natural-touch keyboard, with aftertouch, and upgraded factory performances, the Opsix SE offers unparalleled tactile control and expressive power.

Operator Mixer: The Creative Hub

The Operator Mixer invites your creativity with its intuitive set of six faders and knobs. Colour-coded for carriers and modulators, this is the control center where you shape your unique sounds.

Intuitive Controls and Workflow

The right-side data entry knobs sync seamlessly with the OLED display, providing quick access to all the parameters you need. This brings a focused and streamlined workflow to your sound crafting process.

Filters, Spectrum Analyzers, and More

The Opsix SE features a variety of analogue-style filters and a built-in spectrum analyzer, giving you unprecedented control and visual feedback over your sonic creations.

Limited Platinum Edition

The Platinum Opsix SE model offers the same spectacular features but comes in a stunning metallic finish. This exclusive edition is available in limited quantities, making it a collector's dream.

The Future of Synthesis

The Opsix SE extends its capabilities to six different synthesis methods—Subtractive, Semi-Modular, Analogue Modeling, Waveshaping, Additive, and Classic FM—allowing unparalleled sonic versatility.

Extras and Accessories

Every Opsix SE ships with a bespoke hard case, designed to accommodate extra gear. This ensures your instrument is ready for action, whether you're going to a local gig or embarking on a world tour.


The Opsix SE represents the future of FM synthesis. With its modern design, extensive synthesis options, and intuitive interface, it's a must-have for musicians who want to venture beyond traditional boundaries.


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