On tour with Dermot Kennedy

On tour with Dermot Kennedy

Musicians understand that live performances are worlds apart from studio recordings. What elevates these unforgettable experiences? For Dermot Kennedy's "Sonder" tour, a significant factor has been Benjamin Keys and his trusty Korg Nautilus.



World tours are tough—on both artists and their instruments. In our exclusive video, Benji elaborates on how the Nautilus isn't just robust but incredibly versatile. Whether it's the iconic O2 London or other global venues, this synth has been a constant, reliable presence.

For Benjamin, the Korg Nautilus is more than an instrument; it's an essential part of his creative expression. His enthusiasm for the Nautilus shines as he discusses its crucial role in his musical journey.

When every detail counts, especially on a global stage, the Korg Nautilus stands out as an irreplaceable asset for artists like Benjamin. It’s the synthesis of reliability and versatility that makes it an indispensable part of the musical landscape.

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