XVP-20 Volume/Expression Pedal

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With its tough aluminium frame and enhanced rubber grip, XVP20 gives more accuracy and control of expression or volume. Equipped with two sets of inputs and outputs plus an expression jack you have plenty of connectivity. Minimum volume and torgue are adjustable to suite your playing style and comfort.

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Smoother and more compact.
A new model of expression/volume pedal.

Since its launch in 1994, the XVP-10 expression/volume pedal has become a long-selling success, and now it's available in an updated rendition. With its tough aluminium body and stylish design, it delivers stability and more accurate performance in a compact form.

Intricate features have also been added, including the use of rubber to allow enhanced grip, and improved gears that provide smoother operation and very fine resolution for more accurate performance and the best control available in an expression/volume pedal. A new black anodised finish on the exterior emanates a sense of high quality


Two sets of input/output and one expression

Two sets of input/output and one expression

The XVP-20 gives you all the functionality you want from an expression/volume pedal. It provides two sets of input/output as well as one expression jack. While the output and expression jacks are available on the previous model, the XVP-20 delivers even better operability.


Compact and sturdy aluminum body

Compact and sturdy aluminium body

The augmented compact body design improves portability, and the sturdy aluminium body ensures a sense of stability underfoot. The black anodised exterior finish is an ideal match for Korg's flagship KRONOS workstation.


Pedal mechanism with enhanced grip strength and smoothness

Pedal mechanism with enhanced grip strength and smoothness

Rubber is used on the top surface of the footboard and on the bottom of the body, providing better grip strength and improved stability. The pedal uses a durable gear mechanism for trouble-free operation. Additionally, the gears now have more teeth, delivering an extremely smooth operation.


Adjustable minimum volume and torque

Adjustable minimum volume and torque

The minimum volume knob lets you adjust the volume range that can be controlled by the pedal. The knob has been moved from its previous location under the footboard to the back of the body, making it easier to control. A torque adjustment screw is also provided, allowing easy adjusting to the operating torque (weight) of the footboard to suit your preference.

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