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Looking to improve your game? The second innovation in Korg's golf training series has been designed in conjuction with professional golfers to improve your putting by helping you visualise the 'flex' of your swing and a wide range of tempos to help you find the speed thats right for you while remaining compact enough for your golf bag.

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Achieve victory with perfect putting.
PuttRhythm, the golf practice tool with a built-in metronome.

In the golf trainer series of products, the expertise that Korg has accumulated during its many years in the tuner and metronome field can now be directly applied to efficiently improve your golf swing.
The second product in the golf trainer series, the PuttRhythm is optimised for putting, which we all know is the most crucial element that can determine whether you win or lose the game. Under the supervision of professional golfers, we've created a practice tool that's dedicated solely to improving your putting. This single tool helps you to polish the aspects that are critical to good putting: swing rhythm, the sense of addressing the ball with sincerity, and a straight stroke. The design combines a miniature metronome and pad in a single unit, and can be easily transported in your golf bag. At home, or at the practice range, the PuttRhythm makes it easy for you to practice putting efficiently.


A metronome that visualises the swing, and marks the rhythm using sound and light

Visualise the "flex" of your golf swing

Visualise the "flex" of your golf swing

When you turn on the power, an audible count begins, and the meter appears in the display. The meter indication shows the nuances of wrist action and club acceleration, letting you intuitively grasp and learn the correct motion.

The volume can be adjusted between two separate levels

The count volume can be adjusted between two separate levels. For easy visualisation and ideal training, a red light blinks in synchronisation with the audible count.

A wide range of settings lets you practice at a tempo that best suits you。

Since the tempo setting provides a wide range of 20–80 beats per minute, you can practice using the tempo that's just right for you; ranging from a fast tempo when practicing your swing, to a slow tempo that's appropriate for checking your form. By practicing while staying conscious of the correct rhythm, your body learns that rhythm, and when you're on the golf course, you'll be able to swing just as you did during practice. Try practicing your swing with a tempo of about 70 for men, and about 60 for women.

Sturdy design that stands up to rigorous extended practice

Sturdy design that stands up to rigorous extended practice

A single lithium coin cell battery provides an extended usage time of approximately 120 hours. Since the metronome can be detached, you can easily keep the pad clean by washing it with water if it becomes soiled. Practicing with the detached metronome is also effective for conceptual training or body drills.


Practice pad with the attention to detail that could only be created by professional golfers

An innovative bar design that’s calculated to help develop your sense of addressing the ballAn innovative bar design that’s calculated to help develop your sense of addressing the ball

The height of the bar at the position that the ball is set is designed with the ideal height based on the experience of professional golfers. By stroking with the putter lifted slightly off the ground so that it passes slightly above the bar, you can ensure that the putter is centred on the ball.

A useful gate which makes you conscious of the ball's trajectory

By being conscious of the protrusions (gate) located on the two sides of the ball exit, you can more efficiently practice hitting the ball in a straight line. Try swinging the putter as guided by the white line printed on the pad.

The size of a standard sheet of paper, making transportation a breeze

The size of a standard sheet of paper, making transportation a breeze

The PuttRhythm is extremely compact: it’s the width and depth of a standard sheet of A4 sized paper, and it’s only 1.5 cm thick. The PuttRhythm doesn’t take up as much space as a conventional putting mat either, so you'll have no trouble finding a place to store it. It will easily fit into your golf bag, and won't be a bother to carry along to your practice location.

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