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The Korg Poetry digital piano honours Chopin's legacy with two distinct tones: the 1843 Pleyel and a contemporary Italian grand piano. Its 'Poetic Brown' exterior, gold-adorned pedals, and sleek design exude elegance. The RH3 keyboard mimics a grand piano's touch, complemented by three standard pedals with half-damper compatibility. It comes preloaded with Chopin masterpieces and 23 piano scores, featuring a two-part recorder, metronome, Layer Mode, and Partner Mode for an enhanced playing experience. The Poetry blends historical richness with modern technology, embodying the spirit of Chopin and the craftsmanship of Pleyel pianos. 

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A symphony of history and innovation

The Korg Poetry is a homage to the legendary Frédéric Chopin - revered musician, celebrated classical composer, and pianist of international renown. The Poetry presents a unique opportunity for piano enthusiasts and Chopin admirers worldwide to experience his music in a new and enthralling way.

Discover a symphony of heritage within the Poetry, showcasing two distinguished piano sounds: the 1843 Pleyel piano, a masterpiece from Chopin's 33rd year, and the illustrious contemporary Italian concert grand piano, esteemed by many leading pianists and echoing its prestigious presence in the renowned International Chopin Competition and on the global stage.

A musical dialogue across the ages: Two timeless tones

The Pleyel tone features 80 keys that accurately reflect the original instrument. Setting the pitch of this sound to 430 Hz recreates the soundscape that resonated in Chopin's mind, authentically reimagining his vibrant musical world.

The contemporary Italian piano reveals a breathtaking, transparent, and profoundly expressive sound. In a modern rendition of the same piece, this piano captures the essence of a timeless composer's imagination. Were Chopin alive today, he would surely find inspiration in expressing his soulful genius through the resonant notes of this modern masterpiece.

Designed with elegance: Poetic Brown

Indulge in the refined beauty of a gracefully crafted exterior, highlighted by stunning woodgrains. The 'Poetic Brown' wood-grain finish radiates a sophisticated charm, drawing inspiration from the serene and gentle atmosphere associated with Chopin. 

Accentuated with gold-trimmed pedals and toes, the design exudes luxury, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The slender depth of merely 26 cm (excluding the anti-tipping bracket) lends the Poetry a streamlined silhouette, further complemented by the practicality of a flat surface when the lid is closed, melding elegance with functionality.

Exquisite feel

Poetry’s keyboard, a marvel of Japanese craftsmanship, offers a touch that is both comfortable and premium. The Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard is ingeniously engineered to replicate the subtle touch dynamics of a grand piano. It features weighted keys that provide a heavier response in the lower register and a lighter sensation in the higher register, perfectly reproducing the authentic feel of a traditional piano.

The RH3 keyboard excels in delivering high continuous stroke performance, ensuring that each note's intensity is accurately captured, even during fast and complex musical passages. This precision ensures that the musician's expressive capabilities are fully harnessed and never compromised. 

The Poetry also features an adjustable key touch control. This feature allows players to tailor the production of notes across five levels – light, standard, heavy, steady, and constant. This customizability caters to varying touch strengths, providing a personalized and more enjoyable playing experience for pianists of all skill levels.

Three pedals, refined control

Enhance your piano performance with the inclusion of three essential pedals, designed to replicate the functionality of an acoustic piano. These pedals - the damper, soft, and sostenuto - are integral for achieving nuanced musical expression. The addition of half-damper compatibility further refines your control, allowing for more subtle and richly articulated musical expressions, bringing depth and texture to your playing that rivals the expressiveness of a traditional acoustic piano.

Capture your creativity

Capture and refine your musical performances effortlessly with the innovative two-part song recorder. This feature empowers you to record and critically listen to your own playing, thereby enhancing your musical skills. It allows for the unique option of recording each hand separately, allowing you to hone your piano skills. Alternatively, you have the option to record your entire performance along with a pre-saved song. This flexibility is further enriched by the ability to adjust the tempo of recorded songs during playback, making it an invaluable tool for practice and musical growth.

Beyond acoustic pianos

The Poetry offers immersive digital piano features such as a metronome, Layer Mode, and Partner Mode. Easily activate the metronome for improved timing during lessons. Layer Mode allows blending of tones like strings and piano, creating rich musical textures. Partner Mode splits the keyboard for two players, perfect for collaborative learning and enjoyment, enhancing interactive experiences between teachers, students, or family members.

Enter the world of Chopin

Step into Chopin's world with a collection of 50 masterpieces, thoughtfully compiled within the piano itself. This feature allows you to seamlessly explore and contrast the captivating sounds of the Italian piano and the Pleyel tone. 

Enjoy the convenience of having these beautiful pieces as your background music, courtesy of Poetry. Additionally, the piano comes with 23 carefully chosen piano scores, offering you the pleasure of both playing and listening to exquisite music from the moment you bring this piano into your life. Enhance your musical experience with 10 additional tone demo songs, each showcasing the diverse capabilities of the instrument, adding another layer of enjoyment to your musical exploration.

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