Nu:Tekt NTS-2 Oscilloscope

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The Nu:Tekt NTS-2 oscilloscope kit is a DIY multifunctional tool for musicians. Building on a 4-channel oscilloscope - monitoring control voltage (CV) and audio signals alike - NTS-2 also packs a flexible waveform generator, a spectrum analyser, and tuner functionality into a build-it-yourself device which fits in the palm of your hand!
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NTS-2 is a complete musical toolkit

A complete musical toolkit

The NTS-2 kit is compact and easy to assemble with no soldering required, but don’t let its size fool you – it packs a real punch! The NTS-2 is an oscilloscope, tuner, FFT, and spectrum analyser that is accurate, intuitive, and incredibly useful.

But that’s not all – using its dual stereo IN, dual stereo THRU/OUT, and two separate OUTPUTs, you can wire it into your synth rig and use its dual waveform generators to give yourself an extra pair of oscillators or LFOs!

See your sound

Synths are musical instruments first and foremost. Waveforms, frequency and time relationships, audio signals, and control voltages become crystal clear if you can visualise, as well as hear, the changes you make.

NTS-2 is, for the first time, an oscilloscope designed with the musician in mind! The NTS-2’s interface is simple, clean, and easy to use; you can look at your signals and understand them in a matter of seconds.

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Build it yourself

As with other Nu:Tekt products, the NTS-2 is a DIY kit that is extremely easy and quick to assemble. For maximum portability and flexibility, NTS-2 can be powered by batteries or a USB-C power supply, depending on your needs.

4 Channel Oscilloscope

With dual stereo inputs, you can visualise up to four signals at once, comparing and overlapping them with ease. A variety of display modes let you choose how you see your data, while the user interface is clear and quick, thanks to its dedicated menu buttons and clickable encoder knob, and 240 x 320 pixel 2.8” colour LCD screen.

Oscillator Art

NTS-2 even has a powerful “Lissajous” mode - opening the door to creativity and making it possible to visualise widely available oscilloscope art, for extra fun with your device.

FFT/Spectrum Analyser

NTS-2 also comes with a dedicated FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) mode with a real-time spectrum analyser.

Dual Waveform Generator

A flexible Wave Generator mode provides 2 oscillators with dedicated outputs. Each oscillator can create a variety of waveforms – sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and noise – whose shape and phase can be adjusted to suit many applications.

These sounds can be used in the audio range or as control voltage sources, and they can be set to cycle continuously or act as one-shot impulses; that means you can turn them into LFOs, envelopes, triggers, and control voltage generators, as well as sound sources.


This multi-functional utility kit wouldn’t be complete without a precise and easy-to-use tuner with multiple display modes.

Powerful Connectivity

The NTS-2 offers many ways to connect to your rig. Alongside its 4-channel input and dual waveform output features, dual stereo THRU/OUT ports enable you to keep it wired into your system, rather than constantly plugging and unplugging cables. NTS-2 lets you maintain your signal flow at all times – even when powered off.

NTS-2 maximizes portability and flexibility by using either batteries or a USB-C power supply.



12.9 x 7.8x 3.9 cm


130g (not including batteries)


USB type-C (2.0, 500mA max) or 2x AAA batteries (approx 2 hours running time)


2 x 3.5mm Stereo
±10V max


2 x Through Output: 3.5mm Stereo
2 x Output: 3.5mm Mono
±5V max

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