Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital mkII

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The NTS-1 Digital mkII is our latest DIY synthesizer and effect kit in the Nu:Tekt series. It features a new 18-key multitouch keyboard, an 8-step sequencer, and advanced MIDI capabilities. Boasting a powerful engine with new sounds and effects, it's designed for seamless integration and customization. Ideal for musicians seeking a portable, versatile synth experience.

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Designed for creativity

Experience the build-it-yourself fusion of innovation and versatility with the NTS-1 Digital mkII. Its newly designed 18-key multitouch keyboard, a significant leap from the original ribbon controller, provides precise control for both playing and sequencing. This key enhancement allows for polyphonic MIDI note messaging, opening up a realm of sonic possibilities.

Elevate your performance

A feature-rich 8-step sequencer, complete with live and step recording modes, brings your compositions to life with detailed control over gate length and velocity for each note. The autosave function ensures that your creative settings are preserved, ready for your next session.

Powerful sounds & effects

With the NTS-1 mkII, your sonic landscape reaches new heights. Thanks to a new and more powerful processor, the NTS-1 mkII introduces an exciting array of sounds, new oscillator types, and modulation capabilities. Harness the Audio IN signal for creative FM, AM, or RING modulations. Fresh new modulation effects, delays, and reverbs, add depth and texture to your music.

Easy integration

Integrating the NTS-1 mkII into your setup is effortless, thanks to its thoughtfully designed connectivity. The addition of MIDI OUT, along with SYNC IN/OUT and MIDI IN, broadens its compatibility with other gear. MIDI CC compatibility across most parameters and the shift to USB-C power supply underscore its place as a versatile tool in any musical environment.

Personalise your synth experience

The NTS-1 mkII's DIY design and open structure make it an incredibly adaptable synthesizer. Not only can you create custom oscillators and effects with the open-source logueSDK; you can also modify its hardware. Whether it's for looks or functionality, we've got you covered with all the schematics and instructions you need to make the NTS-1 mkII uniquely yours.

Powered by a new chip, the NTS-1 mkII offers expanded processing power, bringing complex effects and oscillators within reach. For developers, a new API is available on Github, opening more avenues for innovation.

Comprehensive software bundle

The NTS-1 mkII comes with an extensive suite of music software from Izotope, including “Ozone Elements”, “Skoove”, and “Reason Lite” DAW software. Additional apps for iPad/iPhone and software for Mac/Windows, such as Korg Gadget 2 Le, Korg Module, and various sound modules, enhance your music production and performance skills.

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