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The Korg KR-11 offers a comprehensive rhythm experience, perfect for musicians refining their skills. It boasts a wide range of patterns, 14 user programs, and 16 velocity-sensitive pads for custom beats and finger drumming. Its optional pedal switch allows hands-free control, essential for guitarists and ukulele players. Compact and battery-powered, the KR-11 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor practice. Equipped with a built-in speaker system, it ensures quality sound in any setting, making it a valuable tool for musicians of all levels.

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Introducing Korg KR-11, a compact rhythm box crafted for guitarists, ukulele players, and any musician looking to enrich their practice and performance.

Rhythms at your fingertips

Immerse yourself in a diverse range of rhythm patterns, suitable for various musical styles from Blues/R&B to Country and Island tunes. The KR-11 also includes 3-, 5-, and 7-beat patterns, ensuring the right rhythm for any piece. With 14 user programs and 16 velocity-sensitive pads, the KR-11 invites you to customize and save your own rhythms, adding a personal touch to your practice sessions. 

Finger drumming fun

Elevate your rhythm practice and performance with the KR-11’s finger drumming feature. The 16 pads, assigned with a variety of drum sounds, respond to your touch, allowing you to create dynamic and authentic drum patterns. This feature is perfect for developing your rhythm skills and adding a hands-on, interactive element to your practice. 

Portable simplicity

The KR-11, designed for the mobile musician, offers unparalleled ease of use and portability. Its lightweight, battery-powered design allows you to easily transport it to various practice locations, whether indoors or outdoors. The built-in speaker system ensures your rhythms are heard loud and clear in any setting. Enhanced with Korg's innovative Acoustage Bass technology, the KR-11 delivers depth and richness in bass tones that are impressive for its size. This works by virtually expanding the sound field, creating a fuller, more resonant bass experience. The headphone/line-out jack is a practical addition, offering connectivity for private practice or linking to external amplification systems during group sessions or performances.

Hands-free control

With the optional pedal switch, the KR-11 becomes even more versatile, especially for stringed instrument players. This feature allows for hands-free control over rhythm changes, perfect for integrating the KR-11 seamlessly into your practice routine.

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