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EK-50 stands alone in its class, offering high-end features in an instrument which is as accessible to beginners as it is to advanced players. With 61 full-size touch sensitive keys, more than 700 studio-quality sounds, over 280 backing styles, and advanced performance tools, the Korg EK-50 is not just a keyboard; it's a musical partner that guides you from your first note to the stage.

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Amazing sounds

From arena tours to the West End, Korg is known for incredible sounds. The EK-50 has a powerful selection of over 700 to choose from, including grand pianos, EPs, strings, guitars, percussion, and more. These sounds are perfect for solo performances or for adding depth to a band setting.

Practically unheard of in an instrument like this, three sounds can be easily combined together, and with the split keyboard function, you can add an additional sound on the left of the keyboard.

Your own band

Imagine a band that intuitively follows your lead. The EK-50's "Styles" puts a full band experience at your fingertips, inspiring you to develop your musical ideas spontaneously. As your skills grow, the EK-50 keeps pace, offering advanced functionalities to shape your musical visions.

EK-50’s onboard Styles cover more than 280 musical genres from around the world, each with four variations ranging from simple to complex. Each one also has an introduction and ending for the beginning and end of the song.

There’s also an “STS” (Single Touch Select) function that automatically selects professionally recommended sounds for each Style. It’s a perfect pairing of sound and Style, all set up and ready to go so that you can focus on learning, creating or performing.

Recording made easy

You can record and save your performances on the EK-50. Song mode lets you play back your own original creations, internal demo songs, MP3 or WAV audio data, and MIDI files.

Powerful speakers

The EK-50’s 10W x 10W stereo speakers are ready for performance, from home to larger venues. They deliver not only the keyboard's own sounds but can also amplify audio from external devices. This, combined with its portability options, including AA battery compatibility, makes the EK-50 a versatile instrument for musicians at home and on the go.

Easy to use

At the heart of the EK-50 is an intuitive interface. A bright, clear display shows your current settings in large, easy-to-read characters. Illuminated buttons guide you through the keyboard's functions, and the "Grand Piano" button instantly returns you to the classic piano sound, no matter where your exploration has taken you.

Easily save and recall your settings

Set list mode on EK-50 allows for your sounds, styles and settings to be easily recalled from simple registration memory buttons. Perfect for live performance, and absolutely necessary if taking electronic keyboard grades.

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