CM-400 Contact Microphone

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The Korg CM-400 contact mic is a practical solution for musicians seeking accurate and efficient tuning. This clip-on tuner microphone is a handy tool for ensuring your instrument is pitch-perfect every time.

Colour: Black
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Effortless precision with piezoelectric technology

The CM-400 employs piezoelectric elements, enabling it to transmit your instrument’s vibrations directly to the tuner. This simple yet effective design allows for more accurate tuning compared to standard tuner microphones. It's particularly useful in group settings or noisy environments, helping your instrument stand out.

Durable and flexible design

The CM-400 is built to last. Its cable, designed for optimal sound transmission, combines durability with flexibility. The unique slit shape at the clip joint reduces stress on the wire, enhancing its longevity and reducing the risk of disconnections.

Upgraded mini-plug connection

We’ve updated the CM-400 with a new mini-plug, ensuring a more stable connection with your tuner, including models like the TM-70T. This small change makes a big difference in maintaining consistent, accurate tuning.

Versatile clip for easy attachment

The CM-400’s clip is designed to fit a variety of instruments. With a maximum width of 30mm and an inner rubber part, it can be attached securely to instruments ranging from wind instruments and violins to guitars and ukuleles.

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