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From instruments for students through to comprehensive professional workstations, Korg Professional Arrangers set the bar in performance keyboard quality.

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Korg UK Pa5X Professional Arranger 1
Pa5X Professional Arranger Sale priceFrom £4,099.00
Korg Pa1000 Arranger Keyboard 1
Pa1000 Arranger Keyboard Sale price£1,850.00
Korg Pa700 Arranger Keyboard 1
Pa700 Arranger Keyboard Sale price£1,149.00
Korg Pa700-OR Oriental Arranger Keyboard 1
Korg Pa600 Arranger Keyboard 1
Pa600 Arranger Keyboard Sale price£799.00
Korg XE20 Digital Ensemble Piano 1
XE20 Digital Ensemble Piano Sale priceFrom £599.00
Korg Pa300 Arranger Keyboard 1
Pa300 Arranger Keyboard Sale price£749.00
Korg i3 Music Workstation 1
i3 Music Workstation Sale price£439.00
Korg EK-50L Portable Keyboard 1
EK-50L Portable Keyboard Sale price£399.00 Regular price£479.00
Korg EK-50 Portable Keyboard 1
EK-50 Sale price£299.00
Korg Pa5X Oriental 1
Pa5X Oriental Sale priceFrom £4,299.00

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