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Opsix Update 2.0.1

Opsix Update 2.0.1

Software version v2.0.1 has been released for Opsix. The latest update brings numerous enhancements to usability and functionality.

Download the latest update here.


Updates, enhancement and fixes

  • Improved the usability of the DATA ENTRY knobs for EFFECT operators.
  • Pressing the plus and minus OP SELECT buttons at the same time will now select operator 1.
  • When Global > SYS > USB Network is set to NCM, then reset via Factory Reset > Global or Reset > All, display now correctly reflects the internal value.
  • Fixed an issue with importing programs from a DX7 via system exclusive messages when a program after 470 is selected. All programs after 501 will now be deleted when performing Factory Reset > All.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when Unison Voices is set to 5 or 7 voices.
  • Fixed LFO tempo precision when receiving MIDI clock with a lot of jitters.
  • The currently sounding voice now reflects the random waveform when it is selected.
  • Fixed a crash caused by running Update via USB while Time Machine is running on a Mac.

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