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Introducing Opsix v2.0

Introducing Opsix v2.0

Opsix version 2.0 introduces new features which shift the Altered FM engine into overdrive, with a new Effect Operator, two fresh oscillator waveforms and 100 extra Programs!

  • New effect operator (choose from 100 effect types!)
  • 2 new oscillator waveforms
  • 100 brand new programs bringing the total included presets from 250 to 350!


With the addition of the Effect Operator Mode, Opsix expands the Altered FM concept even further to offer amazing new sound design capabilities. Choose from 10 different effects, including waveshaper, comb filter and distortion, and apply them to each Operator independently.

Two new oscillator waveforms have also been added (pink and blue noise), broadening the sound palette wider still.

There are also an extra 100 Programs showcasing the extra Operator Mode and oscillator waveforms, which offer a fresh mix of cutting-edge sounds and classic FM tones.

All 350 sounds have been programmed to include aftertouch compatibility when played from an external keyboard or recorded into the step sequencer.

The favourites list has been fully updated to accommodate some of the new Programs, as well as the default Program order, which is now fully categorised to make finding that killer patch even easier.

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