Korg UK Warranty Information

We stand for the quality of our products. We offer a three year full warranty on all new products sold, and a one year warranty on certified refurbished products, unless otherwise stated.

The Korg UK Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in every new Korg UK product for three years from the date of delivery from Korg UK.

The Korg UK warranty does not guarantee that Korg UK products will at all times operate without interruption or will be error-free, or that all errors may be corrected. If you have a valid claim under the Korg UK Warranty and have returned the product in accordance with the procedure set out below, we will repair or replace the defective product free of charge.

If we determine that the problem is not covered under the Korg UK Warranty, we will notify you and inform you of service or replacement alternatives that are available to you for an additional fee.

The warranty period is not extended if we repair or replace your product.

There are some exclusions to the Korg UK Warranty, including but not limited to:

  • Problems that result from external causes such as accident, abuse or misuse.
  • Use that is not in accordance with Korg UK' product instructions.
  • Products with missing or altered serial numbers.
  • Products which have had their housings opened or are otherwise tampered with.
  • Problems caused by using third party accessories, parts, or components.

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