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Handytraxx Play

Building on the legacy of the iconic Vestax Handy Trax record player, we are proud to announce a collaboration with late former Vestax president, Toshihide Nakama, who acted as an advisor on a brand new Korg record player that promises to be the definitive tool for portablism. 

Handytraxx Play adds creative and unique functions that go beyond both DJ decks and normal record players to allow for full-fledged DJ play. Handytraxx Play makes it possible to physically “play” with records on the go, making it a dream come true both for casual fans, record ‘diggers’, and hardcore portablists alike.

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Essential DJ play functions: 

  • Unique and creative filters, ideal for real-time DJ play.
  • Built-in looper with variable playback speed function.
  • Cue function and monitoring allow for DJ play using the looper while monitoring your record with just one Handytraxx Play.
  • Pro-level smooth crossfader with reverse mode.

Customization options: 

  • Detachable control panel
  • Replaceable crossfader, and MM cartridge mountable.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • AAA batteries or mobile battery (USB-C) powered
  • Speakers (3W) for on-the-go play

Toshihide Nakama

Toshihide Nakama is the former president of Vestax, a company/brand loved by DJs around the world, and was involved in their portable record player Handy Trax.
With respect to the original Handy Trax, we worked with Toshi to develop the new Handytraxx Play, leveraging our digital processing and audio technology to create a new kind of portable record player.

Unfortunately, Toshi suddenly passed away on 10th June 2023 during the development process of Handytraxx Play.
Inheriting Toshi's passion and philosophy, we are continuing the development of the new Handytraxx Play and look forward to bringing it to the world soon.
Rest in peace Toshi.