Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor
Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor


Mini Kaoss Pad 2S - Dynamic Effect Processor

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A powerful effects unit and sampler that fits into the palm of your hand! Since Korg launched the unique Kaoss touch pad interface over twenty years ago, DJs, musicians and producers have always loved to be able to "feel" their way through their music and the Mini Kaoss Pad 2S allows you to add effects to your mix to do just that - on the move.

Mini Kaoss Pad 2S

Now with a sampler function for increased possibilities and fun!
An effect unit that fits in the palm of your hand.

A powered-up mini kaoss pad 2, the Mini Kaoss Pad 2S (“S” for sampler) is a powerful DJ effect unit that fits in the palm of your hand. It includes the familiar Korg touchpad, which allows you to intuitively control 100 different effects, and a sampler function that makes it easy to load and trigger a variety of sounds. Whether you are playing or performing, you'll have more fun than ever with the powerful Mini Kaoss Pad 2S.


A sampler that DJs can use live.

A sampler that DJs can use live.

The newly added sampler function let you prepare sound effects or voice samples, and use them in your DJ work or live performance. According to your needs, you can choose from three methods of playback: One Shot, Gate, and Loop. You can also change the playback speed (pitch change) and specify the playback start position (cue point). In addition, the sample recorder lets you capture sounds that are input via either the line in or the built-in mic.

You can also use the unit as a conventional audio player; save your favourite songs on a card and use the Mini Kaoss Pad 2S to apply effects for fun. No other equipment is required.

* Supported file formats: WAV files (16-bit, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, stereo) MP3 files (44.1 kHz@128, 192, 256, 320 kbps, stereo, VBR supported)


A touch pad to control effects freely.

A touch pad to control effects freely.

You can intuitively control effects in real-time by stroking the touch pad with your fingertip. There are one hundred built-in effect programs, ideal for DJ mixing and controlling the sound.

Numerous other functions indispensable for DJ work are also provided.

■ When you take your finger off the touchpad, the FX RELEASE automatically adds a delay effect so that the effect blends smoothly into your song or performance, and avoids abrupt effect dropouts.
■ Excellent for DJ use and live performance, the Mini Kaoss Pad 2S provides three Program Memories for instant recall of your favourite effects.
■ The Hold function freezes the effect parameters based on your finger’s current location on the touchpad for hands-free operation.
■ Auto BPM detection syncs the applicable effects to the tempo of the song, so that everything continues to move in sync for a professional performance.
■ The built-in mic lets you apply effects to your voice.


Other functions

Other functions

Many convenient functions are now available for enhanced usability and enjoyment.

■ Record your Mini Kaoss Pad 2S performances in WAV format using .the master recorder function.
■ Battery operation and a built-in speaker let you perform anytime, anywhere.
■ 6 Preset audio demo loops are stored in the internal memory. These demo loops provide a handy audio source that can be used to immediately audition the various effect programs, without having to hook up an external audio player.

Mini KP2S


Program Categories
Filter (15), Modulation (15), LFO (20), Delay (10), Reverb (5), Looper (20), Vocoder (5), Synthesizer (10)
Audio Demo Sample
6 preset loops (House, HipHop, Electro, Breaks, Dubstep, D&B)
Sampling Frequency
AD/DA Conversion
24-bit linear
Input Connectors
Line Input (stereo mini jack type)
Output Connectors
Headphone Output (stereo mini jack type)
Data Storage
microSD card (512MB - 2GB)
microSDHC card ( - 16GB)
*SDXC card cannot be used.
Power Supply
AA batteries (alkaline battery or Nickel-Metal Hydride battery) x 2
Optional AC adapter (DC 4.5V)
Battery Life
Approx. 5 hours (with POWER SAVING: ON, with Nickel-Metal Hydride battery)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
76 mm x 128 mm x 25 mm / 2.99” x 5.04” x 0.98”
100 g / 3.53 oz. (without batteries)
AA batteries x2 (for verifying operation)
AC adapter (DC 4.5V)

Recommended microSD/SDHC cards (as of September 2014)

*Even with identical model numbers, operation may differ depending on the date of production. We do not guarantee that you will be able to perform all operations. 
*If programs VOC.86 - 90 are used simultaneously with high-load operations such as the MP3 player or master recorder, you may experience problems such as dropped display frames or dropouts in the sound.
*If a large numbers of files are saved on the microSD/SDHC card or if the card is used for an extended time, you may experience problems such as a decline in the data writing and reading speed, or dropouts in the display or the sound. 
*Please format the microSD/SDHC card on this devise before use. Cards that have been previously formatted by other devises, such as a computer, may not work properly. 
*The class listed on the microSDHC card does not affect the reading/writing speed of the card when used with this device.

Program List

FLT.01 Low Pass Filter、FLT.02 High Pass Filter、FLT.03 Band+ Filter、FLT.04 72dB LPF、FLT.05 Morphing Filter、FLT.06 Vowel Filter、FLT.07 Mid Cut Filter、FLT.08 Isolator、FLT.09 Dist Isolator、FLT.10 Center Cancel、FLT.11 Radio、FLT.12 Telephone、FLT.13 Reverb Filter、FLT.14 LPF Delay、FLT.15 HPF Delay
MOD.16 Vinyl Break、MOD.17 Break Reverb、MOD.18 Jet、MOD.19 Manual Phaser、MOD.20 Talk Filter、MOD.21 Digi Talk、MOD.22 Ducking Comp、MOD.23 LowBoost Comp、MOD.24 Hard Limiter、MOD.25 Decimator、MOD.26 Fuzz Distortion、MOD.27 Bass Distortion、MOD.28 Ring Mod HPF、MOD.29 Pitch Shift HPF、MOD.30 Mid Pitch Shift
LFO.31 LFO LPF、LFO.32 LFO HPF、LFO.33 Infinite Filter、LFO.34 Jag Filter、LFO.35 Yoi Yoi、LFO.36 Flanger、LFO.37 Flanger Filter、LFO.38 Infinite Flanger、LFO.39 Phaser、LFO.40 Mid Phaser、LFO.41 Step Phaser、LFO.42 Auto Pan、LFO.43 Mid Auto Pan、LFO.44 Slicer
LFO.45 Mid Slicer、LFO.46 LPF Slicer、LFO.47 HPF Slicer、LFO.48 Grain Shifter、LFO.49 Mix Grain、LFO.50 Beat Grain
DLY.51 Delay、DLY.52 Smooth Delay、DLY.53 Ping Pong Delay、DLY.54 Multi Tap Delay、DLY.55 One Delay、DLY.56 Tape Echo、DLY.57 Dub Echo、DLY.58 Feedback Echo、DLY.59 Phaser Delay、DLY.60 Flanger Delay
RVB.61 Hall Reverb、RVB.62 Room Reverb、RVB.63 Spring Reverb、RVB.64 Pump Reverb、RVB.65 Freeze Reverb
LOP.66 F/R Looper、LOP.67 Slice Looper、LOP.68 LPF Looper、LOP.69 HPF Looper、LOP.70 Iso Looper、LOP.71 Flanger Looper、LOP.72 Phaser Looper、LOP.73 Pitch Looper、LOP.74 Deci Looper、LOP.75 Break Looper、LOP.76 RwDelay Looper、LOP.77 Freeze Looper、LOP.78 High Looper、LOP.79 Backing Looper、LOP.80 OverDub Looper、LOP.81 Shuttle Looper、LOP.82 Weird Looper、LOP.83 KP2 Looper、LOP.84 KP3 Looper、LOP.85 KP3 RwLooper
VOC.86 Unison Vocoder、VOC.87 Pulse Vocoder、VOC.88 Chord Vocoder、VOC.89 Lofi Vocoder、VOC.90 Noise Vocoder
SYN.91 Rez Noise、SYN.92 Pump Noise、SYN.93 Bubble SE、SYN.94 Electric Perc、SYN.95 Disco Siren、SYN.96 Kaoss Drone、SYN.97 Uni Saw Synth、SYN.98 Uni Squ Bass、SYN.99 Metallic Synth、SYN.100 SayYay Synth

DEMO Loop List

1 House [120]
2 HipHop [100]
3 Electro [127]
4 Breaks [130]
5 Dubstep [140]
6 D&B [170]
© 2012 KORG Inc. All rights reserved.All demo loops are created by M.S.K.

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