Opsix mkII

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Opsix mkII is a digital synth like no other. The natural evolution of the 1st generation Opsix, it expands the number of simultaneous voices to 64. With a truly accessible approach to sound design, it’s perfect for studio or stage. Dive into fresh, innovative sounds, and explore further with powerful controls at your fingertips. From warm pads and deep basses to icy, sparkling chimes, Opsix unlocks new sonic possibilities and brings unique creative potential to your sound palette.

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A vast array of sonic possibilities

Opsix starts with legacy synthesis and quickly evolves into something completely different. New sound components, waveforms, filters, shaping possibilities, effects, LFOs, envelopes, modulations, and more, underpin the Altered FM architecture - delivering sounds with more variety than any single synth has ever been able to achieve before.

Incredible real-time control

Whether you’re tweaking a preset or building a patch from the ground up, data entry knobs give you quick access to the parameters you need. A large OLED display provides a clear overview of your workflow which, combined with the mixer, makes creating new sounds quick, easy and fun. Opsix has a full range of analogue-style filters, including the radical Korg MS-20 low-pass/high-pass filter, and the powerful and smooth Korg PolySix low-pass filter. There are also two- or four-pole low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject filters with resonance. There’s even a spectrum analyser and oscilloscope built in, giving you visual feedback and insight into the music you’re making. 

Illuminate your sound

At the heart of every sound is the Operator Mixer – a set of six faders and knobs that invite exploration. Each of the 6 parts will light up to indicate whether it’s generating a sound, or modulating the sound; red indicates a carrier, blue indicates a modulator.. Changing the position of these controllers unlocks new sound-shaping possibilities to breathe fresh life into your musical ideas. This simple, powerful hands-on workflow is part of what makes Opsix unique, just like the creative possibilities it offers.


The most widely used type of synthesis, related to removing parts of a waveform to get the sound you want. Opsix uses up to six envelopes and multi-modelled filters to achieve a broad array of classic and innovative tones.

Rerouting signal paths to change the sound, a spin through the algorithms section can dramatically reshape the base sound while changing how the six mixer parts work together. No patch cables required!

Analogue modelling
Analogue-style controls and plenty of stackable waveforms take you from digital to analogue-sounding in no time. Enjoy deep basses, crisp leads, thick pad sounds, fuzzy brass tones and so much more.

By adding intentional distortion to the waveforms to achieve aggressive overtones, Opsix makes it possible to achieve gritty sounds overflowing with character.

With six operators, the complete FM experience is possible with Opsix. Stacking waveforms and blending their harmonics is key to an expansive range of harmonious, dissonant, and tension-driven sounds. Head back in time and experience classic sounds heard throughout recording history.

Classic FM
Opsix’s flexible and powerful architecture starts with true six operator FM synthesis. It easily delivers signature sounds heard on thousands of hits from the ‘80s through to today. Opsix also benefits from far more polyphony than other standalone FM synths available today.

Powerful effects processing

Opsix has thirty high-definition effects that can be layered. Elevate your sound to the next level with options like chorus, phaser, delay and compressor, alongside world-class shimmering reverbs.

Polyphonic motion sequencing

Opsix features an incredible step sequencer. Create your own sequences, or simply press the play button for each sound to experience the depth of sequence possibilities. Six notes per step can be recorded, with control over each note’s velocity, gate time, and playback timing. Create long phrases or even make subtle shifts in timing to emulate strums or drum rolls – often not possible on typical 16-step sequencers! The motion sequencer in Opsix also lets you record changes of up to six parameters, creating smooth motion within a phrase, or building rhythms that change dramatically with each step. 

Intuitive modulation matrix

With six operator modes and 40 preset algorithms, plus the ability to create your own, the modulation possibilities available within Opsix are mind-blowing.

The synthesis is supercharged with processors at the end of the signal chain. A MOD section works separately from the operators, with three EGs and three LFOs; and 12 virtual patches for a wide variety of routing possibilities. These features provide a vast range of modulation to both create swirling soundscapes and add rhythmic motion to your sounds. 

Throw the dice with true randomisation

Use the randomize feature if you’re in the mood for unexpected sonic discoveries. Press the dice button to completely scramble the synth’s parameters, generating a new, unique sound. You can choose to randomise all parameters, or just operators, algorithms or sequences.

You might strike gold with your roll, but if not, just try again or use the result as a starting point for your next new sound!

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