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RADIAS Synthesizer/Vocoder Downloads  
  DRIVERS: Latest USB MIDI Driver For PC & MAC / Latest Firewire Driver For PC  
USB MIDI & Firewire Driver

  Sound Editing Software  


This is the Sound Editing Software for the RADIAS Synthesizer / Vocoder. This software program was included on the CD - ROM that originally came with the RADIAS.

The zipped file also contains installation instructions,the software licence agreement and a manual.

PC: (52.3 MB)
Mac: (49.8 MB)

  System Version 2.0  


This is the latest operating system for the Korg RADIAS. This is a major update to the system which introduces many new features, including: additional destinations for the Virtual Patch function, support for the Korg Komponent System connection with M3 Music Workstation/Sampler, and RADIAS Sound Editor compatibility with Windows Vista and Intel Mac.

Included in this download is a supplement to the original Owner's Manual that explains the new features, RADIAS 2.0 Sound Editor, and instructions on how to install the new OS into your RADIAS.

Be sure to also download the new Bank of sounds created using the new features of Version 2.0!

We recommend that you always use the most current Operating System in your RADIAS.
PC: (21.9 MB)
RADIAS_Updater_02_0.dmg (22 MB)

RADIAS System Version 2.0 Upgrade (PDF): RADIAS_SysVer2.pdf (747 KB)

  MS2000, MS2000B & microKORG presets for RADIAS  


This download contains the factory preload data from the MS2000, MS2000B & microKORG synths converted for use in the RADIAS. Based on the conversion software developed by Darren Richards, they were then tweaked by the sound designer who worked on the initial voicing of these three classic synthesizers, to more accurately resemble the original sounds.

These can be installed using the RADIAS Sound Editor. Enjoy!
PC/MAC: (85 KB)

  Artist Programs  


European artists and programmers have created 128 brand new programs that utilize the added functionality of the RADIAS version 2.0 update.

Please note: The programs currently in your RADIAS will be over-written when the new programs are transmitted from the RADIAS Sound Editor. Be sure to back up all data in the RADIAS before transmitting new programs. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual installed with the RADIAS Sound Editor for further information.

Requirements: RADIAS System Version 2.0 and RADIAS Sound Editor v2.0.
PC/MAC: (313 KB)

RADIAS Synthesizer/Vocoder Manuals & Documents  


Name Size Type Note Link
RADIAS Owner's Manual 3.5 MB PDF This is the original owner's manual for the KORG RADIAS MMT Synthesizer/Vocoder in .pdf form. This is the complete manual, including the Operation and Parameter guides, the Effect guide, and the Voice Name List.

The Voice Name List contains information on Programs, Drumkits, PCM data, Templates, MIDI CC# assignments, and other preloaded data.
RADIAS Easy Start Guide 329 KB PDF The Easy Start Guide is a quick step-by-step tutorial that provides a basic overview and highlights key features to get you up and running fast! While not a replacement for the Owner's Manual, this is a friendly "hands on" guide that provides a good place to start to get familiar with this unit. Once you've gone through this EasyStart, you can move on to the Owner's Manual for more in-depth information. RADIAS_EasyStart.pdf
RADIAS MIDI Implementation 166 KB PDF Details on the RADIAS MIDI Implentation RADIAS_MIDI_Imple_E1.pdf
RADIAS Keyboard Assembly Manual 2.2 MB ZIP This is the Owner's Manual for the Keyboard Assembly of the RADIAS Synthesizer/Vocoder in .zip form (with addendum) and in .pdf form.