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M50 Music Workstation Downloads  
  DRIVERS: Latest USB MIDI Driver For PC & MAC / Latest Firewire Driver For PC  
USB MIDI & Firewire Driver

  M50 System Version 1.1.0 Upgrade  

This "zipped" download contains the most current Version 1.1.0 Operating System update for the M50, which addresses a few small bugs as well as improvements in functionality.

A full history of updates is included in this download, along with instructions on how to install the OS.

Note: Unlike some of our other products, this is a two step update process. Please be sure to read the included "How To Update M50" PDF document.

We recommend the use of the most current software to all users.

M50 System Version 1.1.0 Upgrade

For M50 - 61 Key Version: PC & MAC:

For M50 - 88 Key Version: PC & MAC:

  M50 Computer Editor V1.1.0  



  Sounds: M50 Pro Vintage Keys  

This collection of 32 classic keyboard sounds was programmed by Jack Hotop to provide more expressive, natural sounding programs, with improved velocity switching (up to 8-way switching!). Constantly referring to classic recordings by top artists across many genres of music, special attention was paid to Controller Modeling for accurate Stereo Panning, Tremolo, Key Off, String Muting, and Tone Control.

Likewise, custom vintage FX assignments like Phase Shifter, Stereo Vintage Wah, Flanging, Stereo Tube PreAmp, Distortion, Ring Mod, Tape Echo, Reverb & more were designed to get the classic settings heard on the recordings that shaped the legacy of these timeless instruments.

Pad assignments, Arps & Drum Track grooves are provided for every sound.

M50 program locations: E096-E0127

Both PCG and Editor files are provided. For the Editor file you must select a BANK File, not an ALL file to be able to load them. This way you can load a complete single Bank rather than the whole state of your keyboard. For more info read the manual that came with your editor file.


These files require version 1.10 or higher.

M50 Music Workstation Manuals & Documents  


Name Size Type Note Link
M50 Owner's Manual 3.7 MB PDF Part of the the owner's manual pack, this gives an overview on the general operation of the M50 M50_OM_E3.pdf
M50 Parameter Guide 5.8 MB PDF Part of the owner's manual pack, this is a reference guide that details every adjustable parameter on the M50 M50_ParamG_E2.pdf
M50 Voice Name List 549KB PDF A list of all the factory sounds/data for the M50 M50_VNL_EFGJ2.pdf
M50 Easy Start Guide 444 KB PDF The Easy Start Guide is a quick step-by-step tutorial that provides a basic overview and highlights key features to get you up and running fast! While not a replacement for the Owner's Manual, this is a friendly "hands on" guide that provides a good place to start to get familiar with this unit. Once you've gone through this EasyStart, you can move on to the Owner's Manual for more in-depth information. M50_Easy_Start.pdf
M50 MIDI SYSEX Documentation 80 KB PDF Documentation explaining the MIDI System Exclusive implementation of the M50
M50 External Setups Guide 100 KB PDF Documentation for the External Setups on the M50 M50_ExtSetups_E1.pdf