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KORG Support Downloads


KRONOS Music Workstation
  KROME Music Workstation  
  microSTATION Micro Synthesizer with Sequencer  
  M50 Music Workstation  
  M3 Music Workstation  
  Triton Extreme Music Workstation  
  Triton Studio Music Workstation  
  Triton Classic Music Workstation  
  TR Music Workstation  
  Triton LE Music Workstation  
  Karma Music Workstation  
  EXB-PCM Series Expansion Boards For Triton/Karma  
  Trinity V3 Music Workstation  
  Trintiy & Trinity Plus Music Workstation  
  Trinity Options  
  N364 & N264 Music Workstation  
  X3 & X2 Music Workstation  
  01W (FD) Music Workstation  
  T-Series (T1,T2(EX) & T3(EX) Music Workstation  
  M1 Music Workstation  
  PS60 Performance Synthesizer  
  microSAMPLER Sampling Keyboard  
  microKORG XL+ Synthesizer/Vocoder  
  microKORG XL Synthesizer/Vocoder  
  microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder  
  R3 Synthesizer/Vocoder  
  Radias Synthesizer/Vocoder  
  X50 Music Synthesizer  
  microX Synthesizer/Controller  
  MS2000 Series Analog Modeling Synthesizer/Vocoder  
  N1 & N5 Synthesizer  
  NS5R & NX5R Synthesizer Module  
  X5, X5D, X5DR & 05R/W Synthesizer  
  WAVESTATION Synthesizer  

Pa3X Professional Arranger Workstation
MP10 Pro Professional Media Player
  Pa2X Pro Professional Arranger Workstation  
  Pa800 Professional Arranger Keyboard  
  Pa500 Professional Arranger Keyboard  
  Pa50 & Pa60 Arranger Keyboard  
  Pa1X & Pa1X Pro Professional Arranger Workstation  
  Pa80 & Pa80 Elite Professional Arranger Keyboard  
  i30 Interactive Music Workstation  
  iS35 Interactive Music Workstation  
  iS40 & iS50(B) Interactive Music Workstation  
  i40M & i40HD Interactive Music Module  
  iX300 Interactive Music Workstation  
  i5S & i5M Interactive Music Workstation  
  i4S Interactive Music Workstation  
  i3 & i2 Interactive Music Workstation  
  SV-1 Stage Vintage  
microPIANO Digital Piano
  SP-170S Digital Piano  
SP-170 Digital Piano
  LP-350 Digital Piano  
  SP-250 Digital Piano  
  BX3 & CX3 Organs  
  SP-500 Digital Piano  
  SP-300 Digital Piano  
  SP-200 Stage Piano  
  SP-100 Stage Piano  
  C-320 & C-520 & C-720 Concert Series Piano  
  C-340 & C-540 Concert Series Piano  
  monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer  
monotribe Analogue Ribbon Station
  KAOSS PAD KP-3 Dynamic Effect/Sampler  
KAOSS PAD QUAD Dynamic Effects Processor
  KAOSS PAD KP-2 Dynamic Effect/Controller  
  KAOSS PAD KP-1 Dynamic Effect/Controller  
  KAOSS PAD mini-KP Dynamic Effect Processor  
  KAOSS PAD mini-KP2 Dynamic Effect Processor  
  KAOSSILATOR PRO Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder  
  KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer  
  KAOSSILATOR 2 Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer  
  Electribe SX (ESX-1) Music Production Sampler  
  Electribe MX (EMX-1) Music Production Station  
  Electribe-S mkii (ES-1 mkii) Rhythm Production Sampler  
  Electribe-R mkii (ER-1 mkii) Rhythm Synthesizer  
  Electribe-A mkii (EA-1 mkii) Analog Synthesizer  
  Electribe-S (ES-1) Rhythm Production Sampler  
  Electribe-R (ER-1) Rhythm Synthesizer  
  Electribe-A (EA-1) Analog Synthesizer  
  krossfour 4-Channel Video Mixer  
kaptivator KTV1 Dynamic Video Station
  KAOSS PAD entrancer  
  KAOSS MIXER KM-402 & KM-202 Dynamic DJ Mixer  
  KAOSS MIXER KM-2 Dynamic DJ Mixer  
  ZERO8 and ZERO 4 Live Control Mixer  
  KORG Legacy Collection Series  
microKEY USB Powered Keyboard
  nano Series USB-MIDI Controllers  

nano Series2 USB-MIDI Controllers
  padKONTROL MIDI Studio Controller  
  K Series (K25, K49, K61 & K61P) MIDI Studio Controller  
  KONTROL49 MIDI Studio Controller  
  microKONTROL MIDI Studio Controller  
  SR-1 Sound On Sound Recorder  
  D888 Digital Recording Studio  
  D3200 Digital Recording Studio  
  CR4 4-Track Cassette Tape Recorder  
  D4 4-Track Multitrack Flash Recorder  
  D32XD Digital Recording Studio  
  D16XD Digital Recording Studio  
  D1200 & D1200mkii Digital Recording Studio  
  D1600 & D1600 mkii Digital Recording Studio  
  D12 Digital Recording Studio  
  D16 Digital Recording Studio  
  D8 Digital Recording Studio  
  TP-2 Dual Tube Preamp  
  MR-2 1-Bit High Resolution Mobile Recorder  
  MR-1 1-Bit Mobile Recorder  
  MR-1000 1-Bit Professional Mobile Recorder  
  MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder  
  AX3000G Guitar Modeling Signal Processor  
  AX3000G Bass Modeling Signal Processor  
PANDORA mini Personal Multi-Effect Processor
  PANDORA PX5D Personal Multi-Effect Processor  
  PANDORA PX4, PX4A, PX4B & PX4D Personal Multi-Effect Processor  
  PANDORA PX3 & PX3B Personal Multi-Effect Processor  
  PANDORA PX2 Personal Multi-Effect Processor  
  PANDORA PX1 Personal Multi-Effect Processor  
  AX5G & AX5B Modeling Signal Processor  
  AX3A, AX3B & AX3G Modeling Signal Processor  
  AmpWorks Modeling Signal Processor  
  AX10G, AX10B & AX10A Modeling Signal Processor  
  AX100G, A1000G & AX1500G Modeling Signal Processor  
  AM8000R & DL8000R  
Wavedrum mini Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer
  Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer  
  Tuners and Metronomes Owner's Manuals